Behind The White Home right next to The White Home Cabin.

For the past 30 years, Historic Rock Hill – a 501(c)(3) organization – has diligently worked to raise awareness of the importance of historic preservation through hosting forums, lectures, programs and special events, as well as partnering with various other local groups who shared similar historic preservation goals. The organization also has been instrumental in multiple public preservation efforts, which entailed restoring properties threatened by demolition or neglect.

The largest preservation project to date for Historic Rock Hill began in December 2004 when the organization purchased the White Home from the fifth-generation White family members. The White Home was opened to the public in October 2010, where it serves as a premier historical tourist destination, housing a collection of historical artifacts, photographs and documents which are used to educate tourists and school groups about Rock Hill's history, as well as serving as a rental venue for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Historic Rock Hill is a membership-based organization and because the organization does not receive any public funding, depends solely on the generosity of individuals and businesses in the private sector via donations or fundraising efforts.  


Preserve and protect the historic resources of Rock Hill, SC and enhance the livability of its historic areas through offering educational programs, hosting special events and community activities, and by leading preservation initiatives


To create a thriving venue for social engagement while preserving Rock Hill’s rich heritage

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